Friday, April 27, 2007

Mother/Daughter Book Craft
Tuesday, May 15
7 PM
Celebrate Mother's Day by enjoying a special program with your Mom at Wood Library! On Tuesday, May 15 at 7 PM, Kit Croucher, a Canandaigua native who is now an artist in California, will be teaching teens and their mothers how to construct and decorate an accordion book. Let your creativity run wild and reveal your artistic side! Various designs will be available on hand so the two of you can create your very own accordion book sculpture. Don’t miss out, registration is required! Contact Jenny Goodemote at 585-394-1381 or for more information.
Pizza & Pages
Monday, May 21
6 PM
Pizza, pop, and a book, could life get any better? Read this month's book, "Ida B" by Katherine Hannigan by Monday, May 21 and meet with other teens to discuss the book over pizza at 6 PM. For more information, contact Jenny Goodemote at 394-1381 or
Music Club
Thursday, May 17
4-5 PM
A new club has arrived at Wood Library! Join other music lovin' teens at Music Club on Thursday, May 17 from 4-5 PM. Talk music and watch TV appearances, videos, and live performances of My Chemical Romance's Life on the Murder Scene. For more information, contact Jenny Goodemote at 394-1381 or

Teen Nite
Thursday, May 10
7-8 PM
Chase those mid-year school blues away by stopping by Wood Library's Teen Nite Thursday, May 10 from 7-8 PM. Enjoy hot and cold drinks and your choice of snacks while playing the hottest video games like DDR and Guitar Hero II and board games. Wireless Internet is also available so you can surf the web. Bring your friends! Contact Jenny Goodemote at 394-1381 or for more information.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

13th Annual Teen Poetry Contest Winners

Middle School Category:

Honorable Mention

History of blood
By: Megan Yeaple
Canandaigua Middle School
Grade 6

I am just a man,
Only a hurt soul striving,
I am only a man,
With no sense in thriving.

I no longer feel pain,
Sadness or sorrow.
The bullet wound in my side,
Will finally kill me tomorrow.

For three days now,
I lie in agony awake.
But when I pass on,
My life my lord will take.

As a group of Nazis pass by,
I lay paralyzed neck down.
If they heard me anyway,
They’d fire off another round.

It kills me to think of family
I won’t see them anymore.
But soon they will be with me,
All because of this cold war.

I look around me,
Just one last time.
I see my friend lying there,
Lost in stone cold time.

I am repulsed by what I see
And come close to a simple vomit.
I even see a woman there
Lying dead in a pale blue bonnet.

I smile and think of what’s to come
I knew I tried my best.
And now I will be forgotten hereIn this sad and lonesome death.

3rd Place

By: Cara Gopen
Marcus Whitman Middle School
Grade 7

From the sky.

As the
Start to cry.

It’s coming down.

Our little town.

No more,
No more,
No more
Does it cry.

Streak the sky.

2nd Place

By: Meaghan Mark
Canandaigua Middle School
Grade 8

There’s rain - -

A clarity, pureness, escapes we cannot deny.
A hiding, a lurking, a shelter for when we cry.
It falls when it’s hushed and when it is cruel.
It falls like Cimmerian or virtuous like a jewel.
For why it falls; I haven’t a clue.
Surrounding, astounding, a certain shade of blue.
Cleansing, washing, and sending flaws away.
A surprise that it’s good – since the skies remain gray.
I haven’t a notion of why the rain falls.
It may be its power; its crumbling of walls.
The walls of the beaten, the fallen and the scammed.
To the ones who are betrayed and in the face that doors are slammed.
It’s a mystery; the strength of rain.
How some express their sorrows or dance without shame.
For mothers for fathers for friends for brothers.
For daughters for teachers for workers and lovers.
This rain is so moving and so out of touch.
I want it to save...
Ones who’ve had too much.

1st Place

Night Symphony
By: Rebekah Connell
Canandaigua Middle School
Grade 8

Every night at sundown
The fairy of the night
awakens the stars and comets
Gently shakes the moon
Taps the stars
Calls to the comets
Assembles them in rows against a curtain of black
And conducts them in a starlight choir.
The moon is the bass
Luminous in its harmonious vigor;
Comets glittering are altos
Their passionate voices ringing;
Radiant stars sing with clear joy
Proud to bear the glorious melody.
The fairy of the night directs her pupils
In a symphony of the night.
If you listen closely
You can hear them
Calling out His name.

High School Category:

Honorable Mention

Into The White
By: Lindsey Ellis
Canandaigua Academy
Grade 10

Cloud looks down upon the earth-
He’s colorless and distant
Unadmired and soon enraged…
He breaks into millions of pieces
Those who saw say it was a sight
And as the pieces fell to earth
"Everything should be white”

Under the disguise of snow he lands upon the trees
He drains their leaves of life
The green turns to red turns to orange turns to brown
Their colors gone, they lose their might
Once brittle they’ll fall off and die
He replaces them with white

Next he saw the flowers
In vibrant shades of pink and blue
He was jealous of their color-
Blinded by envy and spite
He covered them- like a blanket
"Now sleep…and become white.”

Soon he covered the whole yard
There’s no color to be seen
Desperately I scrape the ground
And kick the snow away
And there lies a patch of dying grass
Not white, but greenish-gray.

But no, there can’t be color
The icy snowflakes sting my cheeks
And shivering I walk away
And know that in the night
My footsteps and the color will disappear
“And then everything will fade to white”

3rd Place

Stained Glass
By Meredith Perrin
Canandaigua Academy
Grade 10

The hard peel on the outside
Protects what is inside
The beauty and the mystery
Is what this shell does hide.

Those who try and take a bite
Without a further thought
Will taste the acidy bitterness
And miss what they have sought.

But if mystery and wonder
Draw a person to look nearer
If they slowly peel back hardness
In hope to see things clearer.

They will taste the surprising sweetness
And serenity that appears
With taking care to dig deeper
To look for the truth that nears

But very few will find it
The stained glass hidden in the stone
And even fewer will remember
The taste which they have known.

But every person has a cover
And a secret that they hide.
Only seen when another person
Takes the time to look inside.

2nd Place

By: Robin Burri
Canandaigua Academy
Grade 10

Words slither from mouths
And travel through the air
Twisting into your ear
Words are everywhere

Hurtful and hateful
Encouraging and with love
Words that go unheard
Ones that float in the air above

Formed from gentle lips
Spit out in pure disgust
Words that make you wonder
Is it true love or lust?

It wouldn’t hurt to learn
Exactly how to use The Ear
To listen very carefully
And make our words disappear

Even if only for a moment
It’d give someone else the time
Time to say what they feel
And a break from being a mime.

1st Place

Walking the Halls
By: Shannon Hicks
Canandaigua Academy
Grade 12

Zoning in,
Zoning out
Feel the pressure
Of the ground.
Feel the slip
Of open creases.
Feel the grip
Of steady forms.
Warmth encasing
A familiar cove.
It follows it's
Own path,
A l w a y s t h e s a m e ... N e v e r a c h a n g e ...
L e a d s i t s e l f a w a y ...
Invites a difference.
Eggs me on.
Go right!
Go left!
But along this
Solemn, boring path.
Look here!
Look there!
Look away from
The trodden
Footpaths on
My memory.
Don't leave me
Hangin' over
This abyss of
Constant Familiarity!
I want a
I want to
Make a difference!
As I trudge
Across my barren
Land of hopelessness.
Let's mix it
Up, let's make
It new!
I smile knowingly.
You want a
Expectent as I
All right.
You got it.Let's do it.
And then
I took
The stairs.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Teen Poetry Winners
The poetry results are in for the 13th Annual Wood Library Teen Poetry Contest! I invite you to come and cheer on the winners as they are awarded their prizes and share their poems at the Poetry Award Ceremony and Open Mike Night this Wednesday, April 25 at 8 PM at the Blue Dahlia Coffee Shop. All ages are welcome to read a poem too!

The winners as judged by their peers are:

Middle School Category:

1st - Rebekah Connell

2nd - Meaghan Mark

3rd - Cara Gopen

Honorable Mention - Megan Yeaple

High School Category:

1st - Shannon Hicks

2nd - Robin Burri

3rd - Meredith Perrin

Honorable Mention - Lindsey Ellis
Congratulations to all the winners and a special thank you to all those who submitted a poem! It was an outstanding year for the contest!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Poetry Award Ceremony and Open Mike Night
Wednesday, April 25
8 PM
Announcing the winners of Wood Library's 13th Annual Teen Poetry Contest! The Award Ceremony will take place on April 25 at 8 PM at the Blue Dahlia Coffee Shop located at 92 South Main Street in conjunction with an all ages Poetry Open Mike Night. Come and join other poets as they read and share their original works and favorite poems. Enjoy a cup of joe while you enjoy poetry at its best! For more information, contact Jenny Goodemote at 394-1381 or email
Learn Poker from a Pro!
Monday, May 7
7 PM & 8 PM
Join Professional Poker Player Steve Goodemote as he teaches teens and adults how to play and win at poker. Steve has been playing Texas Hold ‘Em both online and in live tournaments for 3 years now, and is certainly capturing the attention of the professional poker world. In 2005, Steve finished 109th out of 8,800 people in the World Series of Poker. He also appeared on's The Poker Dome, a television show filmed in Las Vegas in which he won 1st Place, totaling $25,000. Don’t miss out on your chance to learn poker basics and strategy from a true life professional poker player! Steve will be instructing two poker workshops on Monday, May 7 at Wood Library. At 7 PM, Steve will be teaching Texas Hold 'Em for Beginners and at 8 PM, another workshop will be offered, this time focusing on Texas Hold 'Em Strategy for the more advanced player. Learn how to bluff, fold, and bet with the best of them! Both workshops take place in a real tournament setting and require registration. Space is limited! Both teens and adults are encouraged to register. For more information, contact Jenny Goodemote at 394-1381 or Online registration is available at