Friday, July 29, 2011

Pizza Taste-Off Results Are IN!
Teens were challenged this summer to participate in a blind taste-test to determine which pizzeria in Canandaigua has Best Cheese, Best Sauce, Best Crust, and Best Overall Taste. As always, it was a very tough decision, but a few reigned supreme. Congratulations to the following local pizzerias:

Best Cheese: Tops Markets
Best Sauce: Domino's
Best Crust: Pudgie's & Casa Italiana (tie)
Best Overall Taste: Pudgie's & Casa Italiana (tie)

Thank you to all those who participated - not only the teens, but Wegmans, Mark's Pizzeria, Pontillo's, Faro's Pizza, Tops Markets, Domino's, Pudgie's, and Casa Italiana.