Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here are the winning entries:

High School Category Winners

1st Place

Nikole Blowers

Canandaigua Academy

11th grade

Make a Wish {Blow a Kiss}

Nonliving gusts give life to lifeless flora, dispersing diminutive seeds like little

parachutes. Once attached to a safe and known identity, now propelled into a journey of

flight, their destination remains unknown. Alone and vulnerable, some never make it.

Some safely land, establishing roots and a presence.

In the absence of a mother

they are nurtured by nature.

Light and water give them life without living.

The sun gives yet loses nothing.

It returns day after day never to die;

said to be finite, seemingly limitless.

The seeds of future generations, whisked away by the wind because their mother is past

her days when although not wanted, at least had beauty.

Now grey, weak, and helpless, she has

no importance,

no more influence,

no more power then a young and tender human mother forced by an unforgiving society to

give her newborn child into unfamiliar hands.

The woman gives life not unlike the flower.

Each powerless-

Each aching from a loss-

they are equals.

But if they are equals then how can a woman pluck the remaining life from a flower

when a flower can’t take that same gift from her?

It is because of size; the woman towered above the undersized flower which stood without


But if that were true, then a trivial worm would not be able to harm a woman. However, it

can eat her away, piece by piece, from the inside out until her heart no longer beats and

her blood no longer flows.

Then it is because of strength; the woman dispatched the flower with ease.

But if that were true then an ape would come out victorious in a battle of strength against

a beetle. Yet somehow the beetle can carry ten times its weight for miles, while the ape

moves not a step.

Then if not because of size or strength, how can she do it?

How can she be so insensitive?

Is it fair to take the seeds away from their realm of safety; away from their giver of life,

and sacrifice them for a false hope of certainty?

I may not be fair but the girl is innocent, wishing only to meet her mother for the first


How could she know that with each wish a seed surrenders?

So she closes her eyes, picturing a grow woman, a version of herself.

She wonders if the woman is real, if they will ever reunite.

She thinks her wish, blows a kiss, never to know where it will go.

2nd Place

Leah Wolfe

Homeschooled, 10th grade

Gardner’s Delight

I see the roses,

They climb along the garden wall;

Their fragrance sweet and calming.

They are beauty and grace

They nod so tenderly in the breeze.

I see the Gardner,

He is kneeling in the moist soil,

His face shining as He speaks

Love drips from his hands,

As He tends to his beloved roses

His finger bleeds,

Yet he does not see it

He is so engrossed in His heavenly work

They bloom for Him and Him alone

It seems to me,

That they are his joy and delight,

Always I find Him smiling,

As He care for His blessed roses.

I look upon them,

Longing with all my heart,

That I might be a rose.

Would then the Gardner care for me?

I am not a rose,

I am not so sweet or delightful,

He does not lovingly care for me,

As He does for His roses

I am insignificant,

Only a lily, white and small

I bloom and yet He comes not

He does not lavish praise unto my ear.

It is evening now,

The moon bathes us

Its brilliant light like milk flowing over

Onto the garden life.

The Gardner sits,

His son is by his side

Silent are they as they behold

The divine spectacle of life

“Thy roses bloom most beautifully”

Said he; the son

“They are the very delight of Heaven”

The Gardner smiled, sweet and tenderly

“They are beautiful, it is true,

But no flower in my eyes is more than any other.

See my white lily?

Her perfume is entrancing

Her beauty pure and unmarked.

I placed her purposely here,

So as I sit and gaze at my garden

She stands out among them,

Little she may be,

But also delight to unto my eyes.

Each flower has a place in my heart,

Though some need more care,

None do I love more than another.”

The Gardner thus spoke.

Did I hear that right?

My Gardner delights in me?

I am beautiful?

I am pure?

He does love even me?

Yes it is true,

The Gardner loves us each,

Though some need more care,

He doesn’t love those any more than I.

I am my Gardner delight.

3rd Place

Elizabeth Carro

Canandaigua Academy

9th grade


I see him lying on the bed I sit next to,

He holds my hand as I stroke his.

As I look into his deep brown eyes,

the only thing that hasn’t changed,

I ask if he remembers the first day we met.

When he says, “no,” I feel one of my last tears slide out of my bloodshot eye,

down my wrinkled cheek,

and over my faded lips.

It makes him forget.

It is my enemy…

I tell him that when I was nine and he was ten, I was at the pier fishing with my dog.

My line got a knot in it, and in the process of fixing it, I got tangled up, and fell into the deep water of the lake.

I couldn’t swim.

I couldn’t breathe.

I saw a light, and then it faded to darkness.

I woke to his face lying in the fresh grass beside me.

It made sure he was there.

It saved my life.

It was my friend…

I turn to his eyes again.

They make another tear fall, and follow the same path as the first.

The tear reminds me what time had been like…

could have been like…

should have been like…

Now focusing on his face, I hope to see one with some recollection of this joyous memory.

All I see is a face like my dog’s- his eyes large and melancholy, his nose scrunched up, and his head cocked to the side.

A final tear creeps out of my eye, but this time his soft, trembling thumb stops it, and brushes it off my face,

questioning why I had been crying.

I can’t tell him.

It makes him forget.

It is my enemy.

I wish I could’ve stopped time there, there in the memory…

When the sun shined, and when it was filled with the happiness and innocence of our childhood,

because at this time, he doesn’t know who I am.

I’m the person who takes care of him when he’s sick, and holds his hand when he’s scared, and lies next to him at night.

I’m the one who he shared those memories with…

that Time gave us,

and that Time took away.

Honorable Mention

Sara Palmisano

Canandaigua Academy

10th Grade

Watch Me Dance

The beat of the music whispers to me.

The soothing melody beckons to me.

The beating of the drums call to me.

The sound of the horns yell to me.

My foot begins to tap.

My mind begins to think.

My body begins to move.

My spirit begins to soar.

I find my pace to the music.

I find my place in the song.

I find my feelings in the drum.

I find my story in the melody.

My arms are stretched.

My lungs are filled.

My feet are blistered.

My toes are pointed.

I dance through pain.

I dance through joy.

I dance through the anger.

I dance through calm.

For a moment everything is perfect.

For a moment everything is right.

For a moment everything is clear.

For a moment everything is true.

I live for this moment.

I live in this moment.

I live because of this moment.

I live according to this moment.

If you want to see me happy,

If you want to see me alive,

If you want to see me passionate,

If you want to see me shining,

If you want to see me…

Watch me dance.

Honorable Mention

Rayanna Chambers

Canandaigua Academy

10th Grade

Love, Love, Love

The universal language of love,

Means to adore one another forever,

To feel and to care from the heart,

Sharing from the soul, not just a kiss,

For someone else to be your inspiration,

For two souls, it sounds like music.

At some point, everyone hears the music,

For the Spanish it is amor,

Artists say it is their inspiration,

And their admiration lasts forever,

In a painted kiss,

Given and taken from the heart.

When you share your heart,

You feel the music,

Embraced in a kiss,

The French say amour,

Lasts forever,

And the beautiful language is their inspiration.

Unspoken words become your inspiration,

Tenderness granted from the heart,

The physical side won’t last forever,

It’s a complicated expression like music,

The Italians call it amore,

And it is so much more than a kiss.

To kiss or not to kiss,

Sharing with some one is an inspiration,

In Germany, they call it liebe,

We feel more than a beat from the heart,

A song that is not just music,

Will it last forever?

For some, it is a long time, that forever,

It is more than just a kiss,

Some people hear the music,

But it is not their inspiration,

Sharing with too many, their tender little hearts,

Like going Dutch on feelings, they call it liefde.

For the luckiest, it does last forever love is their inspiration,

From a kiss, feeling with your heart,

Like music, it carries through the air, like rakkaus (Finnish).

Middle School Category Winners

1st Place

Paige Gagliardi

Canandaigua Middle School

7th Grade

A Child’s Joy

Let your hair fall down,

Feel the breeze,

Have not a single care in the world

As a child dazed by the world’s wonder.

Let laughter spill from your tongue,

And happiness radiate from your skin.

Let the wind caress your cheek,

Or even blow you down,

And when it does,

Laugh absentmindedly.

Hum a happy tune

Then sing as if no one is listening.

Let rain splash down upon you,

And smile as each drop hits you.

Do not let your young heart be consumed by sorrow.

The world is too wondrous for sorrow.

Stop and stare at a star’s brilliant light,

And watch the grass grow,

The clouds roll by,

Or a flower bloom.

Marvel at water’s strange beauty,

And listen as it gently laps against the shore.

Listen for a bird’s song,

A beat of a butterfly’s wing,

Or a crack of thunder.



Listen if you can not hear,

And rhyme words that never rhyme.

Run if you have no legs,

Scream if you have no voice,

See if you have no sight,

Pray if you have no faith,

Paint if you have no color,

Dream if you have no hope,

And dance for joy.

A child’s joy,

For the world is a wondrous place.

In a child’s eyes,

The world is irresistibly perfect in every way.

In a child’s eyes,

Nature’s beauty is astounding,

Nature’s simple gifts.

A child teaches us this:

We need to cherish nature’s simple gifts,

And cherish each day as if it were our last,

Making the best of every day by

Forgiving the unforgiven,

Loving the unloved,

Caring for the ones in need.

One voice may be strong,

But when another voice is added,

The voices build,

And build,

Until the voices become the most beautiful song ever sung.



Listen for a song of a child’s joy

And the wondrous world around us.

2nd Place

Kelsey Towne

Canandaigua Middle School

6th Grade


The most casual,

everyday encounters

are the ones to be relished,

the ones often held closest to the heart

by those with





dinner with a loved one,

exchanges of mock-hostile words between a rival

(which is simply a code for friend),

the seemingly insignificant moments




the cracks




when they are




to hold on to such memories

is to be human,

to lust for simpler times

is to be a child,


to relives one’s mot beloved moments

is a miracle.

3rd Place

Lauren Bates

Canandaigua Middle School

8th Grade

You say I should follow my dreams; but what if I get lost?

You say I should live for today and deal with my decisions tomorrow; but what if I throw my tomorrow away?

You say I should smile and make everyone’s day better; but what if I need someone to smile at me?

You say I should be the bigger person; but what if I’m too small?

You say I shouldn’t judge; but what if judging is human nature?

You say I should put a good foot forward; but what if I go backwards?

You say I should always try my best; but what if I’m still not good enough?

You say I should believe in things that no one can see; but what if they really aren’t there?

You say I should shoot for the stars; but what if I miss and land on the moon?

You say I should shine; but what if I’m too dull?

You say I should always trust; but what if I’m na├»ve?

You say a lot of things; but I am going to be who I want to be, and that person is myself.

Honorable Mention

Sierra Russell

Canandaigua Middle School

6th Grade

Our River

A creek,

little but strong,

it pushes on

under ice

around snow

Cold wind ripples the water,

already bubbling and gurgling




The snow

covers the ground around the

little creek

It will someday melt and

Join the creek

Its fate has been determined

No question.

What about you?

And me?

What creek will we join?

And can we

make it stronger?

All of us

Can create

A river

Honorable Mention

Reece Balicki

Canandaigua Middle School

8th Grade

A Lake and a Pebble

Life is like a pebble filled with joy and sadness,

Dropped into a lake filled with mystery and awe,

Down it goes.

It reaches the bottom expecting sorrow and despair,

But finds itself surrounded by faith and hope.

What I am is what I am.

What you think I am, I am not.

For I shall be the lake and you the pebble, my gem loved and cherished by all.

Floating down never to return again.

Into mystery.

Into me.

You may wonder what the pebble found.

Maybe what I am,

Or just maybe who it was,

In my lake that tells all.

All you need to do is be my pebble to find out what you truly are.

For I am my lake and you are my all.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Teen Poetry Contest Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the winners of Wood Library's Teen Poetry Contest! It was a tough contest with over 70 poems being submitted!

High School Category:
First Place - Nikole Blowers, Canandaigua Academy, 11th Grade
Second Place - Leah Wolfe, Homeschooled, 10th Grade
Third Place - Elizabeth Carro, Canandaigua Academy, 9th Grade
Honorable Mentions -
Sara Palmisano, Canandaigua Academy, 10th Grade
Rayanna Chambers, Canandaigua Academy, 10th Grade

Middle School Category:
First Place - Paige Gagliardi, Canandaigua Middle School, 7th Grade
Second Place - Kelsey Towne, Canandaigua Middle School, 6th Grade
Third Place - Lauren Bates, Canandaigua Middle School, 8th Grade
Honorable Mentions -
Reece Balicki, Canandaigua Middle School, 8th Grade
Sierra Russell, Canandaigua Middle School, 6th Grade

A special thank you to the poetry judges! I couldn't have done it without you!

Join the winners as they read their poems and receive their prizes at the Poetry Award Ceremony this Wednesday at 6:30 PM at Phoenix Coffee in Canandaigua. Contact Jenny Goodemote at 394-1381 or for more information.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vintage Video Game Club
Thursday, June 3
6:00-8:00 PM
Can you beat Super Mario without using warp zones? Do you know where to find secret rooms in Zelda? Have a favorite level in Sonic the Hedgehog? Then, gamers UNITE! Experience vintage video games again or even for the first time at Wood Library's newest club. Our first meeting will take place on Thursday, June 3 from 6:00-8:00 PM and on the first Thursday of the month thereafter. Bring your own vintage gaming consoles and games to share. Open to Grades 9 and up. Contact Jenny Goodemote at 394-1381 or for more information.
Anime Club
Thursday, May 20
6:00-8:00 PM
Forget about your homework, let's focus on some Anime! On Thursday, May 20 from 6:00-8:00 PM, watch X-Men Vol. 1 with other Anime fanatics at Wood Library. Snacks and drinks provided. Win great prizes too! Recommended for ages 13 and up. Contact Jenny Goodemote at 394-1381 or for more information.
Teen Nite
Thursday, May 13
6:30-8:00 PM
The school year is coming to an end, the weather is getting warmer, so why not get a taste of freedom at Wood Library's Teen Nite on Thursday, May 13 from 6:30-8:00 PM? Do what YOU want to do - play video games, like Rock Band or Super Smash Bros., or board games, like Twister and Jenga, surf the web, enjoy snacks and drinks, and just hang out. Pizza will be available for $1 a slice. Come early to help set-up. Contact Jenny Goodemote at 394-1381 or for more information.